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Zero Draft Thirty – Day 01

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Go Into The StoryFor all the aspiring novelists out there November brings NanoWriMo, an annual challenge to write a 50,000 word novel in one month. Hugely successful and all over the web at this time of year it doesn’t, however, whet the appetite of screenwriters and Scriptfrenzy, the short-lived sister project to NanoWriMo for scripts, has long since been retired.

That’s where Zero Draft Thirty comes in.

The brainchild of Scott Myers, who runs Go Into The Story, the absolute best screenwriting blog/resource/education on the web bar none, Zero Draft Thirty (or ZDT or ZD30, take your pick) picks up where Script Frenzy left off and encourages screenwriters to produce a feature-length screenplay in 30 days, and today is DAY ONE people! More information about the challenge can be found here but the GITS site is also chock-full to the gunnels with useful advice on how to approach it AND how to keep in touch with other writers who’ve taken up the challenge, swap information, war stories, late night snack ideas and generally keep the momentum going once you get started.

The bare bones though is this:
November 1: Type FADE IN / The Beginning.
November 30: Type FADE OUT / The End.
30 days. 1 script.

Now I’m off to start writing!

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