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Writing The Science Fiction Film by Robert Grant

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Science fiction is not only the most powerful genre you can use to explore the human condition… it’s also the most profitable. Ask Will Smith! This book explore the inner workings of classic sci-fi Films like Blade Runner, Aliens, Star Wars and more while learning how to craft your own worlds using this remarkable guide book of the imagination.

Want to know how to write alien creature dialog? Want to conjure up convincing futures? Want to know the difference between sci-fi and fantasy? Look no further. Robert Grant takes you on a fascinating journey through cinematic otherworlds, showing how the genre has changed over the years while remaining one of the most popular with movie audiences. His smart, no-nonsense story tips are just as applicable to general screenwriting. Writing the Science Fiction Film is concise, illuminating, and simply a swell read, whether you want to write sci-fi or just watch it.”
Joe Dante, Director (Gremlins, Explorers, Innerspace, Small Soldiers)

Robert Grant’s WRITING THE SCIENCE FICTION FILM is both articulate and insightful, breaking down the key ingredients of science fiction and providing useful exercises for screenwriters wanting to break open this thematically rich and challenging genre.”
Chris Jones, Writer/Director and Head of The London Screenwriters’ Festival

If you need like me to work with wild robots, cannibal mutants, or creatures from outer space, this wonderful book isn’t only useful, but indispensable!
Marc Caro, Writer/Director (Delicatessen, The City of Lost Children, Dante 01)

Learn all about:

  • The difference between science fiction and fantasy
  • Why you should be writing science fiction
  • How to find great story ideas
  • How to create memorable characters
  • How to construct solid plots
  • How to build fantastic worlds
  • The difference between right science and lazy science, and
  • Making sure you get the science right
  • How to craft sparkling dialogue
  • How to invent alien peoples, cultures and languages

And so much more…

But don’t take my word for it, read what others have to say.

This is the book I never quite got around to writing, but done with far more eloquence and knowledge. If you want to write sci-fi, this is the perfect place to start.
Chris Patmore, MovieScope magazine, Author (Movie Making Course: The Ultimate Guide for the Aspiring Filmmaker)

Robert Grant’s Writing The Science Fiction Film is a must-have for anyone writing a genre-inspired screenplay. His guidelines and advice are excellent tools at helping the writer organise the rules and the mythology of their created universe without getting bogged down. There’s also plenty of fantastic guidelines on additional tropes, including sidekicks, creating aliens, brainstorming and most importantly, applying real science and fake science seamlessly into one’s screenplay.”
Stefan Blitz, editor-in-chief, forcesofgeek.com

Writing the Science Fiction Film breaks down tried and true technique of crafting a science fiction film. A great read for anyone getting into the genre.”
Nathyn Brendan Masters, Filmmaker (The 4th Beast) Author (The Action Filmmaking Workbook)

Robert Grant’s Writing the Science Fiction Film is about the process of crafting great science fiction stories like the ones we’ve grown to love. A great journey through the best in science fiction movies and television, and a great resource for any writer interested in crafting their own science fiction stories.”
Tom Farr, Tom Farr Reviews

Oh, what a joy this book is! First of all, it does all the right things: supplies excellent information and instruction. Background and future possibilities are covered, not only in the genre, but in your writing. But best of all, it’s a darned interesting and entertaining read. Absolutely love it!
Sable Jak, Author (Writing The Fantasy Film, Heroes and Journeys in Alternate Realities)

Robert Grant’s book is excellent start to finish. It works as a layout for thinking, researching, and writing a science fiction novel or screenplay. It’s concise in how one goes about the writing process, and how to think through other worlds, characters, and the sub-genres of sci-fi.”
Dave Watson, Editor, Movies Matter

It’s always a pleasure and a privilege to read a book on a subject about which the author really knows their stuff. It’s even more enjoyable when it’s a subject about which you yourself are interested, but your knowledge is limited. And Robert Grant, the author of WRITING THE SCIENCE FICTION FILM, knows the sci-fi genre like a fish knows the sea.. ..Grant has given us a treatise on the science fiction narrative form, the particular challenges it holds for the writer, and tools to surmount those challenges and create exhilarating and original tales of alternate realities, wild-but-just-maybe-possible scientific breakthroughs, and beings from other worlds.”
Matt R. Lohr, Award-winning screenwriter, essayist and critic, and co-author of Dan O’Bannon’s Guide to Screenplay Structure

“…the combination of creative writing exercises, movie stills, dialogue samples and a plethora of tips on characterisation, setting, and tone certainly make it sound fun to try. Much of his advice has application to other genres, especially insofar as finding and developing new ideas for plots. His section on the mechanics of time travel was worth reading twice, as was his 20-point checklist for creating alien beings.”
Christina Hamlett, Award winning writer, instructor and script consultant